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    Lost In The Middle

    This was today - a sort of middle land, stuck in between.

    Not sunny, not rainy, although both felt like it could have been possible.

    Trees not dead, yet not entirely alive.

    Not warm, not really cold, though, either.




    A day that will quickly be forgotten.



    A Lost Blossom

    Imagine my surprise.

    I decided that it was time to clip off all of the dead flower stalks, etc, from my little planters on my balcony.  After all, it's autumn, it's time to cut back.  I got out the scissors, went out, and - gasp! - this is what I saw:

    One tiny little flower blooming months after the others!  It doesn't know that it's not time for it to be here.  It doesn't know that the other flowers have all come and gone.  It's growing, thriving, blooming, doing its flower thing.

    So maybe it's not just about blooming where you're planted...Maybe it's also about blooming when it's your time.



    Tentative Steps

    Today I sat by the stream

    on a bench in the shade

    as the sun was setting

    Two deer splashed through the water

    as if to remind me of...something

    And while I sat I saw

    the sun's rays


    up from the water

    telling me I can't hide,

    I can't be without the light

    for too long.

    Even though...

    even though...


    Well - it's certainly been damn near forever since I've posted anything.  Oops.

    So here is a tentative step back into blogging, writing.  For seven days, including today, I'm going to post a photograph and some sort of writing along with it.  Just seven days.  I can do it.

    This is day one.  That's the picture I took from the bench where I was sitting today when I saw the deer and the sun's reflection.  More tomorrow.



    Opinions Wanted

    I just read this article on  I'd like for others to share their thoughts and reactions.  I don't want to share mine just yet, because I don't want to influence others.

    What do you think?


    Strange Summer Nights

    Sitting on the balcony.

    Partly playing a game on your phone, partly looking around when someone walks by in the courtyard beneath you, partly watching the sky get darker and the moon get brighter.

    Feeling an inner war between two sides, both of whom are partly right and partly wrong.  Yes, there are things that are frustrating, and yes, there are countless blessings and things to be grateful for.

    Looking down, an older Asian man wanders into the courtyard.  Something about him seems amiss, out of place.  He comes to where the sidewalk makes a tee and stops, looking around.

    You go back to the game, play a few more words.  The evening is quiet.

    The man seems to make a decision and walks off in the direction away from you, but very slowly, somewhat unsure.

    Pause.  Closing your eyes.  Just being.

    You look up at the pregnant moon, and a movement in the darkening sky catches your awareness; eight Canada geese, flying in formation, honking.  Is it already time to start the migration?

    Below, the man has turned back and arrived at the tee in the sidewalk.  He has stopped, again, and is standing, looking around.

    A few more voices have come to life and have joined in the chorus of the night sounds as the sky gets darker and darker.  A random memory, tied to no specific time or place, of your mother telling you that katydids are her favorite night bugs, and how she loves their sound.

    The man, still seeming confused, walks off in the direction from where he originally came.  More geese in the sky, this time only heard, not seen.  The man disappears.