Old Goals
Sunday, March 20, 2016 at 11:49 AM
Don in life

I was going through stuff that's piled up in various corners of my place the other day, deciding what I need/want to keep and what I can part with.  As I was doing so, I came across a list of goals I had made for myself in 2004.  Hello, flashback to me from twelve years ago.  There are 28 goals written down on this piece of paper.  As I read through them, truly not remembering ever having written them down, at first I was struck by how little has changed in my life and in what I want.  But then.

But then.

I started seeing some of these goals that I've accomplished.  To learn Italian; to see Wicked and Avenue Q.  To go to Hawk Mountain.  To take a hot air balloon ride.  To go to Italy and Iceland.  Huh.  Out of the 28 goals, I have accomplished all or part of nine of them.  Not tons; but almost half.  Sort of.  If we round up.  Okay, so it's like a third of them.  Still.  STILL!

I have accomplished, consciously or otherwise, a third of the goals I had set for myself twelve years ago.  Damn.  Go me!  Sure, that leaves two-thirds that I still haven't accomplished, but so what?  Let's look at what I have done.

I'm amazing.

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