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    Coffee and Christmas

    "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup."

    Who else remembers that commercial?  Quite a catchy little jingle.

    But - I disagree.  The best part of waking up?  I'll tell you what it is.  It's when you wake up on a cold, cold morning.  You scurry to the bathroom to take care of some business.  Then you realize that you have nowhere to be, and so you climb back into the warm, comfortable bed and snuggle under the sheets and blankets, with cats cuddling up next to you.  (Okay, the cats are optional.)  That, my friends, is the best part of waking up.  Although if I have to stay awake, then yes, coffee is the next best thing.

    And then what?  What about once we're awake?  And when we have to go out and face the world?  The best part of that is knowing that we're not alone.  That we have friends and family and loved ones who are by our side, emotionally if not physically.  Knowing that we have the ability, we have the choice, to rely on those who care for us, and to rely on our own selves, to choose to make it the best day it can be.  To embrace the good things that happened and to release the other things that happened.  To change our perspective from something like, "I was bored all day, I had nothing to do" to "I am grateful for such a low-key day, where I was able to recharge."

    Tis the season where we can sometimes be forced to feel jolly.  But tis also the season of cold, dark, long nights and expectations that we may or may not want placed on us.  Tis the season where it is easy to overdo it - perhaps with food, drink, shopping, or even family time.  (Come on, you know I'm not wrong.)  Make it also the season to stop, look around and appreciate everything exactly as it is.  Because there's a lot to be grateful for.

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