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    Macbeth - arguably Shakespeare's greatest work.  With themes of Fate, treason, dedication, insanity and more, it is a very rich work.

    This past weekend, my friend Brian and I headed up to see the latest production of this play, at the Vivian Beaumont Theater (which is part of Lincoln Center).  We decided to go and make an amazing weekend of it.

    Saturday, I took the train up from Trenton, and we rendez-vous'ed at the hotel.  We had booked a room to share in The Plaza.  The Plaza!  Right at the corner of Central Park.  I felt like such a fake as I went in there.  Because I clearly do not have the annual salary that the other guests do.  Crazy.  But we checked in and headed upstairs.

    The room - a suite, actually - was gorgeous.  Not as big as I was imagining, but then again, this is New York City.  That being said, every inch of it was magnificent and beautiful.  We chose to spend the rest of the afternoon just lounging around, relaxing and talking in the living area.  We ordered a pot of coffee via room service ($32 total, thankyouverymuch) and sipped the luxurious beverage from the bone china cups, with actual silver spoons next to them.

    Then it was time for dinner.  We actually hadn't planned anything ahead of time, so thanks to Google Maps, we ended up at Brasserie 8 1/2.  It was so cool!  The restaurant is actually one floor below the street, and there is this amazing staircase that you walk down.  And the food - yum.  I had lamb, and we shared two sides: mac & cheese with bacon and Brussels sprouts with pancetta.  It was delicious.

    After that, it was off to the show.  The theater wasn't as far as I had thought it was, so we were able to walk, and we arrived in plenty of time.  I (of course) bought a coffee mug, as I always do, but this time I also bought something more: a beautiful wooden spoon, the kind you'd use when cooking.  And on the handle is engraved (etched?) the words "MACBETH: Double, double, toil and trouble" on the handle.  It's sooo cool.

    Then - into the theater and into our seats.  The theater was really nice.  It has a circular stage, which goes up to be about four stories high maybe.  Then there are the seats in a semi-circle, plus two balconies.  And boy, they made use of that space.

    I don't know who all is involved in this play, but it needs to win some awards.  The lighting was astounding.  When Lady Macbeth first appears on the stage, there are flowers that are lit from above and look very, very red.  Then she comes on stage lit only from one side, so you can only see half of her face.  Breath-taking.  And the costumes are BRILLIANT.  Hecate, who is with the three witches - her hair, her dress, her make-up...all of it is astounding.  The three witches themselves - referred to as "The Weird Sisters" at least once in the play - are actually played by men in these crazy, dark, striking outfits; the one wears a long, back cape and a woman's dark blue dress.  Their make up is not to be believed.

    There are some special effects (lightning, for instance), a lot of great lighting, sounds and some occasional music, and it all comes together to be an incredible performance.

    Now, this is Shakespeare, and they are using his words, so there are times where I didn't quite follow along; that's to be expected, I think.  And it was more that I couldn't understand or grasp certain lines, but I could understand the plot well enough.  Also, I had read it, albeit quite a long time ago.

    And the actors.  First, of course, Ethan Hawke as Macbeth.  Just wonderful.  Some other personal favorites: Francesca Faridany as Hecate; John Glover as one of the witches; Daniel Sunjata as Macduff; Jonny Orsini as Malcolm (whom I really loved mostly because he has really nice hair, which, sadly, is short in the picture).  But truly, everyone was amazing.  Every single person.

    If you click here, you can see some photos from the production.  Look at them all - there are maybe a dozen.  So good.  Even if someone else were playin gthe role of Macbeth, it would still be amazing.  (Just not quite as amazing.  At one point we saw Ethan's nipples.  Sigh.)

    After the performance - of course - there was a bit of a meet and greet that had been set up.  (Don't judge me.)  So Brian and I headed backstage, to dressing room 11, which was Ethan's.  WE WERE BACKSTAGE!!!!!  Wandering by the dressing rooms!  SO COOL.  And I got Ethan to autograph the spoon.  Here it is: 

    I shall never cook with it.  Not that I was going to.

    Anyway - it was a rush.  And Ethan remembered me!  Bless.

    Then, back to the hotel, where we slept soundly.  Sunday, we got up and lounged around until it was time to leave.  We went to Park Avenue Autumn for brunch.  Apparently they change the decor and menu with every season!  How cool is that?  And the food was delicious.  Fresh baked little breads and muffins, then I had the butternut squash soup, followed by the breakfast risotto.  It was all really good.

    And then, as with all good things, it came to an end.  We headed our separate ways and headed back home.

    Macbeth is playing through January 12th.  If you can go see it, you really should.  It was that good.  Go ahead - click here to buy tickets.  You know you want to.  Meeting with Ethan Hawke sold separately.

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    Sounds like an amazing time. So glad!

    November 18, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterkim

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