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    So Good

    Some things are just so exciting.  Even as the experience is just beginning, I start to get tingly all over, knowing what is ahead.

    It starts with the visual.  Seeing it.  The instantly recognizable shape...wider, thicker at the bottom; you almost want to cup it in your hand.  Then narrower above that, the top a pleasant round shape with the little hole in the middle.

    I bring it to my mouth, and before I even touch it, the distinctive smell tickles my nostrils.  I close my eyes, soaking it in.  Then, slowly, my mouth makes contact.  The smoothness, the firmness, it is so good, so right.

    I bring my mouth down and slowly, gently, bring my teeth in.  Instantly, there's a satisfying squirt into my mouth, and the juices taste so good.  There is no way I can stop now.  I continue, going on and on, top to bottom, all over, until there is no more.

    I moan with the pleasure of it.

    I wipe my mouth and chin, removing the sticky juices that inevitably dribble out.  And right away I want more.

    Why is it, I wonder, that I don't do this every day?  And how are there possibly people in the world that don't like this?

    Pears.  They are so delicious.  So good.

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    Reader Comments (1)

    Wow. I wasn't sure where that was going for a while.

    November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRobbi

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